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Fix Ugly Sceens

If you have silver looking screens, that is often exposed fiberglass and a health hazard. DANGER - replace ASAP!


Those silver screens are not only unsightly, they are a danger to your health.


If you or someone you know has silver looking screens, it is imperative that they are replaced immediately. That silver appearance is often exposed fiberglass, as the PVC coated fabric mesh has deteriorated. Particles become loose from breezes, wind and rain, and when windows are opened those particles can enter the home, exposing your family to an unwanted hazard.

Maintenance is key to keeping your intact screens performing optimally. It is recommended that they be cleaned once a year and after monsoon season to avoid any dust and dirt buildup that speeds up the deteriation of the mesh.

If your screens are starting to look discolored, this is an indication that the mesh has become weak or brittle. If the screens are fading it is an indication that the sun has taken its toll on the mes and they’re on their way out.

In many cases we are able to replace the mesh using existing frame. However, if your frames wer assembled with plastic corners, or are otherwise dented or with significant blemishes, we recommended making new screens for optimal performance.

Don't delay - we FIX UGLY SCREENS!

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